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Good and attractive marketing techniques can easily confuse a huge number of audiences. This is likewise true in the field of cosmetics. With that being said, it is very important for you to know the difference between mink eyelashes and other types. Not only can this help know your choices, but also to decide which is the most appropriate for you.

Different Types of Mink Eyelashes

Among the most popular types of eyelash extensions are made from silk. These are manufactured using synthetic polymers and are good enough to look natural as well. You can enjoy its curl, lift, and volume. But unlike mink lashes, they are lifeless.

Mink lashes are furs from actual animals. The beauty made from this type of lashes is that they look very natural. They are very thin and uneven; things that you cannot see or replicate using synthetic materials.

And because they are perfectly fine, they can be easily added to your natural lashes. They will blend well and without you telling your friends that they are false eyelashes, some would not even notice. Mink can create tons of drama and would look very intense.

Differences Between Mink Eyelashes and the Other Eyelashes

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Synthetic lashes would cost you around two hundred dollars or more, depending on the salon where you are getting the service. Retouches would also require you to add some more payments. On the other hand, mink eyelashes are normally being offered at four hundred dollars, excluding service charge and retouches.

Many are claiming to be mink, so be very careful with imitators, especially those with unbelievably low price tags!

Feedback and Other Concerns

Usual reviews about silk lashes are positive. It can really give an added plump, volume, and drama to your eyes.

There are few disadvantages to silk extensions. For example, some are less receptive to chemicals and other make up products like mascara. At some point, they are heavier than mink.

No need to worry about using animal fur as your lashes. Of course, there will be issues from some people who are against animal violence. But, there are companies that produce their products in a very unique way. No need to kill animals; furs to be used as eyelashes can be obtained via grooming.

Regular brushing and hair cutting are the most popular techniques used to collect this specialty hair. So, if you choose to use mink eyelashes, it is fine and you should not be feeling bad at all.


There is not much difference in applying both synthetic and mink lashes, although stylists would normally prefer fine and thin hairs. With proper application, this can take the beauty of your eye margins to a much better level. This is very much achievable with natural products.

Hopefully, this has helped you differentiate mink from other types. Don’t be confused again with false advertisements. Do you want to try getting one now? If yes, then go to the nearest eyelash salon now and enjoy your new look with these extensions. Achieve maximum glamour with mink eyelashes!

My Mink Eyelashes Review

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You may have heard of mink eyelashes from your friends or relatives. Even I got to hear about it previous week from one of my friend who has been using it since a month. I was taken to a saloon by that friend of mine and she told me it would take a few minutes. On my arrival I received warm welcome wherein I was asked to relax on a cosy alcove for the next ninety minutes. After that those professionals there removed my eye makeup by applying pads to lower lashes of mine. This was achieved easily by gluing. I was told by my friend that mink lashes are curliest, softest, as well as most-buildable as compared to all other eyelash extensions that are available. These eyelashes allow users to attain highly natural look in addition to maximum volume.

Somehow I found the process simple because every individual extension was dipped in glue prior to being attached to one of my lashes. The professionals at mink eyelash extensions were highly qualified and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the procedure. Thickness and length of mink extensions will be determined by natural eyelash of the clients. Moreover, they asked me for my personal preference for which I said that I have full trust on them so I leave this option on them. One of the most unique aspects of mink lashes is that they are extremely light in weight and fine enough for being attached to multiple extensions each lash as compared to other synthetic or silk options available. The one that I was getting were relatively lengthy and dark. I was able to take few delightful naps without getting disturbed by the fumes from glue. This in turn means no nose burn and eye irritation. I didn’t have to pay huge amount for all this.


Mink eyelashes conclusion

After 2 hours, I was pleased to see the excellent results that I got from these mink eyelashes. These extensions would fall off with natural lashes of yours but still it would be as it is for nearly 3 to 4 months before you require them getting fixed again. In simple terms, getting minkeyelash extensions means you can be free from artificial eyelash fixing for approximately 4 months. In some cases these eyelashes would last for two months. It is suggested not to make use of harmful or strong make-up removers, soaps, or face washes as this may lead to faster fall of your eyelashes. Moreover, for removing eye makeup, you can use cotton swab or washcloth around the eyes so that make-up removers don’t come in contact with glue used for fixing your eye lashes.

It isn’t tough to get adjusted to these minkeyelashes. It would take just 3 to 4 days and you’ll feel fine with these. When I looked at the mirror first time after getting real mink eyelashes fixed, I was not able to believe the new look that I got from these eyelashes. It was really a pleasant experience.

How to care for Mink Eyelashes?

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Mink eyelashes extensions are latest trend in the industry of eyelashes. These eyelashes are made from natural mink fur and offer the eyelashes of a wearer a profound lush. They make for a velvet-like appearance that can never be duplicated by the synthetic lashes or the strip lashes that are widely used by people. There are many celebrities who are of the view that mink eyelashes render Bambi eyelashes and they offer a chance of experiencing true luxury for every woman in place of the luxury which was enjoyed only by the VIPs. These eyelashes serve as an excellent investment to the wardrobe of a lady and if they are properly cared for they can be worn upto twenty five times. They make for easy self-application is also very quick. Women who are new to the process of applying these eyelashes all alone can try practicing with the use of standard strip lashes that are found at beauty supply and drug stores. This is one method that is considered to be cost-effective and excellent in tuning oneself with self-application skills.

Mink Eyelashes

Why Plenty of People Will Pay $500 a Pop for Mink Eyelashes

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Caring for Mink Eyelashes

There are a number of good brands that deal in selling Mink Eyelashes and the purchase of these eyelashes would include a custom box for storage, adhesive and care instructions. These eyelashes have to be cared for in a special way. They should not be brought into contact of water and should always be removed and stored in the proper manner before going off to sleep. These eyelashes are made out of the hair that is shed naturally from live mink and therefore it can be said that such eyelashes are the finest in quality and even hundred percent natural. They also do not contain any sort of dyes and chemicals. Some steps that should be followed I caring for your mink eyelashes have been elaborated below:

•    The eyelashes should be treated just as you would be treating mink coat. They should be gently removed from their storage container and even from the eyes. They should be pulled gently and slowly from one of the sides until they get off properly. You can also use water for dampening the adhesive so that it gets loose and removing the eyelashes becomes easier. Do not soak the eyelashes in water, other liquids or an eye makeup remover hat is oil free. This will result in the ruining of the mink fur causing the eyelashes to lose their original shape.

•    Once the eyelashes are removed from the eyes, you should use tweezers for picking off remaining adhesive if any. You should remain very careful while doing do because you need to remove only the excess glue barring the original band. Again you can use makeup remover or water for dampening the adhesive.

•    The mink eyelashes should always be stored in storage containers provided for storing these eyelashes so that they do not lose their original shape. The lid of the container should always be kept closed for avoiding debris, dirt, excess moisture and dust from getting into the box and spoiling the eyelashes.

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